Zeynep Üsüdür

Zeynep Üsüdür

PhD fellow

I am working on a ph.d. project with the title Need to Know! - A Philosophical Analysis of Curiosity. My aim is to give a systematic descriptive account of curiosity as a certain kind of motivation for knowledge unfolding fundamental aspects of curiosity as a mental phenomenon, e.g. responsivity, attention, the epistemic status of the intentional object of curiosity as unknown, the kind of normativity implied in curiosity as a “pure” interest in knowledge, etc. I will draw on material from  psychology, epistemology and phenomenology.

Areas of interest

  • The relation between motivation and knowledge
  • Curiosity and wonder
  • The value of truth and knowledge
  • Historical perspectives on the philosophy of curiosity and wonder
  • Epistemic emotions

Areas of teaching and supervision

  • Phenomenology 
  • Theorethical philosophy
  • Metaphilosophy

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