Andrea Veggerby Lind

Andrea Veggerby Lind

PhD fellow

Psychological processes play an important role in the green transition, both in terms of motivation and resistance.

Our identities (e.g., cultural worldviews) motivate us to interpret new information in certain ways. We are strongly inclined to reject messages, which appear threatening to our identity, however irrational this rejection may be. A salient example is the ideologically rooted climate skepticism in USA.

To ensure efficient and inclusive climate communication Denmark, it is essential to understand how communication frames affect groups differently across the Danish population.

I am a PhD student working on a stipend from Department of Communication. My project is titled Inclusive Climate Communication. My research aims at identifying how exactly identity interacts with climate change attitudes in a Danish context.

I apply quantitative methods in the interface between science communication, social psychology, and computational modelling to pinpoint identity factors prone to triggering inadvertent resistance towards climate science.  

I am located at Section for Philosophy, where I am supervised by Klemens Kappel (professor in philosophy at UCPH) and Thomas Morton (professor in social psychology at UCPH).

Primary fields of research

  • Climate psychology
  • Science communication
  • Motivated reasoning 
  • Identity research 
  • Computational psychology
  • Audience segmentation

ID: 247670828