Matilde Lykkebo Petersen

Matilde Lykkebo Petersen


Postdoctoral researcher in HumanImpact. In the Human Impact project, we create collaborations between the humanities and businesses, and we strive to generate knowledge together with practitioners in various industries.

My research specializes in the individual experience of patients/users related to digital health communication and welfare technologies. Currently I work on a project about fertility apps and self-tracking, where I explore different perspectives on datafication of personal and somatic experience. The project generates new perspectives for both practitioners and researchers on new digital technologies’ role in patient experiences, in patient-doctor relations, and how this impacts and informs the future of assisted reproduction.

Another project I currently work on explores social media's role in municipal inclusiveness strategies for marginalized groups, e.g. people w. cognitive disabilities. 

In my research, I am generally interested in exploring: how to unfold (methodologically/empirically/theoretically) bodily experience in its various forms and expressions, datafication/digitization of everyday life, and to balance critique/deconstruction with finding constructive solutions to real life problems.

Research topics: digital health, health communication, research-business collaborations, fertility treatment, assisted reproduction, patient perspective, socio-technological innovation, welfare technology

I am affiliated Center for Tracking and Society at the Department of Communication.

Teaching and supervision:

-          Communication theory

-          Qualitative methods

-          Feminist theory and methods

-          Cultural analysis


ID: 99411785