Eva Pina Myrczik

Eva Pina Myrczik

Research Assistant

Short summary of my PhD project:

Digital museum mediation in Denmark: a critical evaluation of its implementation, affordances, and impact

PhD project period: August 2016 - August 2019

Supervisors: Hans Dam Christensen and Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen

My research focuses upon understanding the ways in which museums implement and make use of digital platforms and technologies for social and personal impacts.

My PhD project is part of the Danish research project Vores Museum, supported by VELUX FOUNDATIONS and Nordea-fonden.

Research areas and interests:

  • media and communication studies
  • museum studies
  • visitor studies
  • participation, user experience, and learning (free-choice, self-motivated)
  • evaluation and contextualization of learning-related affordances of digital media in museums

I am working on a PhD project that looks into the characteristics and impact of digital museum mediation in general. I am interested in showing up the general ways in which the digital can make a difference, based on a strong empirical approach, focusing on Danish museum practice and cultural policy.

Digital museum mediation has developed quickly in the course of the last three decades, carried forward by the development of digital technologies, culture policy requirements, public project funds, and public-private collaborations. This development was increasingly guided by a belief in the potential for technology to be a catalyst for certain mediation approaches that support both experience and enlightenment. Consequently, this has led to the implementation of numerous new digital projects. Yet there has been no general collection and evaluation of the experiences so far.

To sum up, this PhD project sets out to research the impact of the digital mediation under investigation, guided by the following question: In what ways does digital museum mediation promote participation, user experience, and the sharing of knowledge?


Part of the research group: Archives, Libraries and Museums

ID: 164256327