Eva Pina Myrczik

Eva Pina Myrczik

Research assistant

Research areas and interests:

  • cultural mediation
  • artificial intelligence and museums
  • digital culture
  • media and communication studies
  • participation, user experience, and learning (free-choice, self-motivated)
  • evaluation and contextualization of the affordances of digital media in museums

Part of the research group: Archives, Libraries and Museums

PhD thesis: Digital museum mediation in Denmark: a critical exploration of the development, practice, and perceived outcomes

My research focuses upon understanding the ways in which museums implement and make use of digital platforms and technologies for social and personal impacts.

My PhD project was part of the Danish research project Vores Museum, supported by VELUX FOUNDATIONS and Nordea-fonden.



  • Digital Culture (BA)
  • Digital Cultural Communication (BA)
  • Institutions and Agents in the Cultural Field (BA)
  • Remediation and Digitization (MA)


ID: 164256327