Jesper Pagh

Jesper Pagh


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    I am employed as a PhD-stipend on the The People's Internet (PIN) project, which is a project that seeks to map differences in digital communication between China, Europe and the USA. Here, I am responsible for mapping regulatory, financial and cultural influences on digital communication in regards to the latter.

    My project is a qualitative study of how ordinary US citizens incorporate the Internet and digital technologies in their everyday life, and what effect it has on their routines and on how they relate to, and make sense of, the world.

    Project title: The Internet in Everyday Life

    Supervisor: Klaus Bruhn Jensen

    The project runs from December 1st 2016 to November 30th 2019

    Primary fields of research

    • Digital communication
    • Digital regulation
    • User analysis
    • Qualitative research methods and theory


    • Communication & IT
    • Digital media
    • Communication & culture
    • Networks

    ID: 144981949