Experiments, experiences and new hosts

- an investigation of contemporary cultural criticism in the media with a special focus on Radio24syv

by Steffen Moestrup

The authoritative critic who evaluates and interprets the artwork for the receiver still exist (Kristensen & From 2015). However, contemporary cultural criticism and cultural critics in the media are more than that and have for instance moved towards a performance based ‘aesthetic journalism’ (Cramerotti 2009) where the media experience for the receiver matters perhaps even more than the artwork or cultural phenomenon itself and where the personality of the critic, his media persona and media-made capital becomes an important part of the show.

The subproject addresses the various prospects it opens for the cultural criticism and cultural debate in contemporary Danish media. The investigation will mainly be based on material from the national Danish radio station Radio24syv and methodologically the project combines textual analysis with qualitative interviews. By applying performance- and identity theory (Goffmann 1959, 1967; Butler 1990) the project aims to examine the more experimental variations of cultural criticism that often contain a distinct experience-based focus.

The project will help to refine and renew the notion of contemporary, Danish cultural criticism by clarifying how new critic types have appeared and expand the notion of what a cultural critic does. By using the concepts of performance and aesthetic journalism the project will be a contribution to the research on the blurring boundaries of journalism.