Information behavior and interaction design

In the IBID research group, our understanding of information and technology starts with understanding people in context. The contexts range from work settings through everyday-life situations to scientific domains. We investigate how people interact with information in various concrete settings – from individual and stable to dynamic and collaborative. In such settings, groups of actors may share goals but conflicting interests may also exist.

Thus, information is negotiated, contested, and forgotten as well as sought, shared, created, and used. In addition to investigating information behaviors in such settings, we also investigate ways of improving how individuals and groups discover, access, and experience information.

While the quantity of digital information is gigantic, the quality of the systems available for searching, discovering, experiencing, and making sense of this information often prevents the effective use of it. Better interaction designs require technological innovation as well as design-process innovation. The research of the IBID group takes an empirical approach to core challenges in information science. Across research topics, we seek to improve information practices, advance information science, and inform the design of information technology.






























































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Professor Morten Hertzum