Digital information and communication

The members of the section Digital information and communication work with theoretical and practical implications of the continued digitalization of everyday life, society, media and culture. We focus on a number of different questions in the area between IT and humanistic and socio-scientific perspectives on information and communication - empirically, theoretically, philosophically and historically.

We see digitalization as an ongoing process and as a practice that we all live and interact with, and are influenced by in all parts of our everyday lives. Our research centers on digital infrastructures and forms of organization; meetings between work practices and digital technologies; digital methods; and the political, ethical and conceptual challenges from ‘datafication’ and surveillance that we individually and as society have to address.














Ahm, Kristian RedheadResearch assistant +45 353-28336E-mail
Andersen, JackAssociate professor +45 31 70 56 89E-mail
Bagger, ChristofferPhD fellow +45 353-34104E-mail
Balling, GitteAssociate professor +45 353-21370E-mail
Brus, AnnePostdoc +45 353-24094E-mail
Brändle, Verena KatharinaPostdoc +45 353-28424E-mail
Driessens, OlivierAssistant professor, tenure track +45 353-31044E-mail
Engerer, Volkmar PaulAssociate professor +45 353-21341E-mail
Gregersen, Andreas LindegaardAssociate professor +45 353-28092E-mail
Hasle, Per Frederik VilhelmProfessor +45 53 53 66 88E-mail
Hasselbalch, GryPhD fellow  E-mail
Helles, RasmusAssociate professor +45 353-29187E-mail
Hjørland, BirgerProfessor +45 353-21342E-mail
Jensen, Klaus BruhnProfessor +45 353-28104E-mail
Kapsch, Patrick HeibergPhD fellow +45 353-23134E-mail
Konzack, LarsAssociate professor +45 353-21306E-mail
Lai, Signe SophusPhD fellow +45 60 22 34 55E-mail
Liu, JunAssociate professor +45 353-28416E-mail
Lomborg, StineAssociate professor +45 353-28105E-mail
Mahnke, Martina SkrubbeltrangPostdoc +45 52 71 07 94E-mail
Moring, CamillaAssociate professor, deputy head of department +45 353-28276E-mail
Munkholm, Johan LauPhD fellow +45 353-33159E-mail
Murphy, DooleyPhD fellow +45 353-33638E-mail
Nicolaisen, JeppeHead of studies +45 353-21322E-mail
Pagh, JesperPhD fellow +45 353-37297E-mail
Schreiber, Trine LouiseAssociate professor +45 353-21402E-mail
Skouvig, LauraAssociate professor +45 353-21320E-mail
Su, ChrisPostdoc +45 353-32402E-mail
Søe, Sille ObelitzPostdoc +45 353-21409E-mail
Søilen, Karen Louise GrovaPhD fellow +45 353-30228E-mail
Thellefsen, Martin MuderspachAssociate professor +45 353-21355E-mail
Thorhauge, Anne MetteAssociate professor +45 353-28132E-mail
Wang, YajieVisiting PhD fellow +45 353-31110E-mail
Zeng, Fiona HuijiePhD fellow +45 353-34049E-mail
Zuccala, Alesia AnnAssociate professor +45 353-21420E-mail
Ørmen, JacobAssistant professor +45 353-28874E-mail


Associate professor Laura Skouvig