Rosa Skytt Burr

Rosa Skytt Burr

PhD fellow

Current research

My ph.d.-project is part of the research project Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (Denmark and Germany, 1650-1800) which investigates the formation of the female intellectual identity in the early modern period.

With a basis in contemporary critical and queer theory, especially Michel Foucault, Judith Butler and Penelope Deutscher, I explore how female intellectuals were imagined during this consequential period in the history of philosophy. This project will thereby attempt to reveal and describe the gendered mechanisms which has systemtically shaped academia, reason and philosophy as masculine.

My part of the overarching project delves into the Danish context and focuses especially on the Danish catalogues of learned women — a popular genre completely overlooked by contemporary philosophy — and the Danish philosopher and translator of Seneca, Birgitte Thott (1610-1662), and her writings in favor of women's right to education.

Fields of interest

  • Feminist historiography and history of philosophy
  • Birgitte Thott and the genre "learned women" in Denmark-Norway 1650-1800
  • Continental philosophy in the 20th and 21st centuries, escpecially Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben
  • Critical, postcolonial and queer theory, especially Judith Butler, Sara Ahmed and Achille Mbembe
  • Biopolitics, necropolitics and racism in Foucault, Agamben and Mbembe

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