Malene Kubstrup Nelausen

Malene Kubstrup Nelausen

Section of Education

Current research

My project is titled "Pupils’ communities and included pupils’ ways of being and becoming pupils and classmates after the act of inclusion". The aim of the project is to characterize and examine pupil-formed communities in an inclusive school context and the project has a special focus on children’s perspectives on school life in inclusive education. The PhD-project takes its part of departure in an Act of Inclusion which was passed by the Danish Parliament in 2012. The act means that children with special needs (e.g., children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and autism) have to attend the common public school instead of special needs classes or special schools. The project is  based on an ethnographic inspired fieldwork in a public school and the focus is on children in two different school classes and their everyday life in the school, in the after school day care and in their spare time. The empirical material contains field notes, interviews with pupils, pupils’ drawings and photos taken by the pupils. The project applies a poststructuralist/social constructionist frame of reference and has an analytic focus on narratives and positioning. 


Project period: June 2016 - May 2019  

Supervisor: Associate professor Trine Øland

The project is funded by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research: Culture and Communication (FKK)


Fields of interest  

  • Children's perspectives
  • Processes of inclusion, exclusion, marginalization
  • Poststructuralist/social constructionist frame of reference



  • Sociology of Pedagogy and Sociology of Education
  • Philosophy of Science Research Methods in Education
  • Educational Research
  • Current Issues in Educational Research



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