Dooley Murphy

Dooley Murphy

PhD fellow

My PhD project looks at how attention, experience, and action are cued and guided in Virtual Reality (VR) storytelling. That is, how stories are presented and traversed in VR; how narrative information is communicated and acted upon, rather than plot or narrative structure per se.

To investigate this, I'm conducting a series of case studies/formal analyses/close readings of interactive VR stories. My theoretical approach combines ideas from cognitive psychology, experience design, film studies, and digital game studies.

The project's output will include recommendations on best practice for VR storytelling and environment design. Findings will be applicable to VR's myriad use cases in and across healthcare, fundraising, training and education, entertainment, architecture and visualisation, and communication. A medium-specific understanding of narration, I believe, is a vital step in enabling VR creators to maximise the experience of their users and participants.

Past research has looked at mobile and social media, video game player experience, VR's transition from lab-grade equipment to consumer entertainment, and virtual humans.

Elements of my research are practice-based, which is to say in my spare time I make VR experiences that explore the putative gulf between art and entertainment.

I've taught BA and MA courses in cognition and audiovisual media, video game (design) theory, and have guest lectured on VR filmmaking.

I'm a member of the Cognition and Audiovisual Media (CAM) research group at the University of Copenhagen, as well as the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) and the Society of the Cogntive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI).

Supervisor: Andreas Gregersen

ID: 172782706