26 March 2020

Miklós Sükösd appointed co-director of the "European Culture and the Media" research group by CEMES

Associate Professor Miklós Sükösd was appointed co-director of the "European Culture and the Media" research group by CEMES (Center for Modern European Studies) at the Faculty of Humanites. CEMES has decided to fund the research group for three years between 2020-2022. The research group is engaged with the cultural and media communications specificities of contemporary Europe, their origins and current transformation. The focus is on processes of media production, diffusion and use in a transnational context, and the impact of communications policies, including the question of how new media practices shape attitudes and identities of Europeans.

Miklós also became researcher member in the Erasmus+ co-funded Jean Monnet Network, Post-Truth Politics, Nationalism and the (De)Legitimation of European IntegrationThe project addresses one of the key policy challenges facing the EU today: the impact of ‘fake news’, disinformation and ‘post-truth politics’ on the legitimation and delegitimation of European integration. The University of Iceland is the lead partner, with five other universities participating in the project: The University of Birmingham, University of Oslo, University of Helsinki, University of Victoria and the University of Copenhagen. The University of Copenhagen team is led by Hans-Jörg Trenz, Professor at the Department of Communication. Jean Monnet Networks are research projects that are designed to promote excellence in EU studies worldwide and foster policy debates within the academic world. 

Miklós gave a seminar, "Kan EU Sikre Retsstaten?", with member of the European Parliament Karen Melchior and journalist Lasse Skytt, at DEO (Demokrati i Europa Oplysningsforbundet) on February 28.

Finally, Miklós also gave a presentation at a public seminar, "Hybrid Regimes in EU" at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) on March 6. His talk, "Orban's propaganda state: Is re-democratization possible in Hungary?" could be seen on the DIIS homepage.