22 January 2015

Fourth Edition of the MCC Journal Released in December

In December 2014, the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication launched the fourth edition of the MCC Journal. Both form and content have undergone changes since the first release two years ago, and according to professor and editor Stig Hjarvard, the journal has now established itself not only among the staff and students at the MCC but also among professionals and reserachers.

The increased recognition of the journal appears in more cases. “We are very pleased that the journal has been accepted on the national BFI list of scientific periodicals”, Stig Hjarvard says. “It is a recognition of the scientific value of the contributions and also an incentive for us as editors to keep up professional standards.”

In order to raise awareness of the journal, the editors have started focusing more on social media. “Our external editorial board advised us to try and circulate information about the individual articles on social media, and we have provided authors with some short texts to make this task easier”, Stig Hjarvard elaborates. “We hope this will extend the readership of the journal, but it is a bit too early to establish the effect.”

The journal contains contributions addressing various topics in both English and Danish within the department’s areas of expertise.

Read the journal through THIS LINK