12 November 2014

Ib Bondebjerg's New Article on Grierson and the Scandinavian Documentary Tradition

Ib Bondebjerg has published a new article called "A Social Poetics of Documentary: Grierson and the Scandinavian Documentary Tradition".

This article deals with the influence of John Grierson on the development of the Scandinavian documentary film and television movement. Grierson's poetic for a new documentary had a strong influence on the Scandinavian documentary movement from the 1930s and on. The combination of a documentary format that combined a new aesthetic form with a social vision was developed in the early British class society but pointed towards a more democratic wellfare society. Key Scandinavian figures and institutions in this development of a modern, documentary movement is analysed.

The article is published in Zoë Druick & Deane Williams (eds. 2014). The Grierson Effect. Tracoing Documentary’s International Movement. London: Palgrave MacMillan/BFI, p. 79-93.