How do I become a borrower at the library?
The library is a public library. Anyone with a permanent residence in Denmark or southern Sweden can register and loan books.
If you are a new student, fill in the form for new users.  Your CPR number will be your borrowers' ID.  Danish civil registration number (CPR) must be shown to the staff at the final registration. Then you can boorow books. 

I forgot my password. How to I get a new one?
If you need a new password use this form. The system will send you a mail with a link. 

What are the library's staffed opening hours?
Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10-15 except for lunch. Closed on public holidays and 24th & 31st of December. Keep an eye on the homepage for special closing days. You can access the library with your KU access card anytime.

How can I contact the library?
You can contact the library via e-mail INF-Biblioteket@hum.ku.dk or visit us.

Where can I find the library?
The Library's address is:
Njalsgade 76, building 5A, 2300 Copenhagen S.
The library is situated at the ground floor of the building when you enter from Njalsgade.

Where do I pick up my reserved books?
When you reserve a book in the catalogue you choose where to pick it up. You cannot pick up reserved books at the INF Library, Department of Information Studies.

I have changed my address, who do I tell?
You have to inform the student administration office of your move AND the library. Just login and go to the 'Personal Settings'. Remember to keep your email data updated, as this address is used to send information on recall notices and mails about reservations etc. Just login to the catalogue and update.

Can I renew loans and place holds myself?
Yes, if you log in to the catalogue in the top right hand corner. To renew your loans please press your name and choose the link to "My library card" -> "Loans" -> "Renew". To place a hold on a book, conduct a search that retrieves the specific book, and have the full record displayed with all holdings. You can then place a hold by clicking on the hand icon "request". Please note that it is not possible to place holds on books or journals which are not on loan.
Note that you may have to change you pick up place: look under "My library card" and "Personal details".

How do I get copies of printed materials?
Any journals we have here, can be copied at the library. If you need to copy other materials use your student ID/card and the xerox machine in the library. Or use the scanner. It's free.

How do I read the shelfmarks?
If it says 'Udlånssamling' it means that you can borrow this book and most likely find it in the library. The typical shefmark is for instance: '65.01 Ev'. The numbers are the actual shelfmark and the letters are the two first letters from the title of the book. A shelfmark could be '/Bf-magasin' - with means that the book is in the basement below the library etc. You can read about the special collections to help you explore the rest of the library.

How will I be notified when my books are available?
When books that you have placed a hold on, or ordered through interlibrary loan, is available for you to pick up, the faculty library will notify you via e-mail. You must then pick up your book within 7 days. Bring the number from the mail to find the book.

Do I get recall notices via e-mail?
Yes. All notices from the library will be sent by email. Make sure our information is updated.

Can I access electronic journals and databases from home?
Yes, students and staff at University of Copenhagen have this opportunity. Access is provided through login to the catalogue including access to the databases. Read about the rules here: http://kubis.kb.dk/c.php?g=202959

Do I have remote access to databases?
You can use the remote access as described here on the list of databases. Or you can get remote access by logging into the catalogue and finding links to the databases.

Can I order books and articles from other libraries?
Yes, if the library (try the catalogue) does not hold a copy of the literature you request, please press 'Can't find what you're looking for' in Rex or use bibliotek.dk. Please let us help you if you need journal articles outside our topic.

How can I recommend purchase of new books and journals?
Contact your teacher and let her / him help you.

Do you offer a view of my teachers' writings?
Go to Curis. Their activities are registred here.

Where can I read about the Danish library system?
You can look for litterature in our catalogue, but you can also look at Kulturstyrelsen to find info on public libraries.