The library has a series of small and specialized collections. This is a list of them and the reference in the catalogue if any. All materials are avalible for use on INF during opening hours.

Special collections:

  • Bibliografi-samling
    Collection of printet bibliographies. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Tidsskrift
     Some of the very old journals are kept in closed stacks. Ask for help in the library. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Electronic journals The library subscribe to more than 80.000 electronic journals. The journals can be found in the catalogue. Here is a list of e-journals that may help you.
  • Historisk Børnebogssamling A collection of elderly children's literature. The collection was a donation from ex-school librarian Emil Johansson to IVA in 1995 and 1996. The 5.200 books contain children's litterature of an elderly date in Danish including translations from English, German and French. Many of the titles can be found in several editions and versions. Some books are in other languages like Norwegian, Swedish, English and German. Kept in closed stacks. Not on loan. Ask the staff for access.
  • Møllehøjgårdsamlingen Collection of what can be considered the most important books through 3.000 years. The books were collected by  civil engineer Aage Kann Rasmussen. The collection of the approximately 900 books has been on IVA since 1991. Closed stacks. Not on loan.
  • Plakatsamlingen Posters from from Danish libraries. The collection of 750 posters for promoting libraries are mostly Danish and collected 1980-2000. Closed stacks. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Referencesamling The collection of reference books can be found on the 2nd floor just over the library. Not on loan.
  • Research from INF  Publications produced by researchers at Departmen of Information Science can be found in the database Curis.
  • Semesterhylde If you find books placed in a collection named (Semesterhylde Vest) INF West  or (Semesterhylde Øst) INF East it means that you can find this book on the shelf with course litterature in the libary. The books are alfabetised according to their titles. The collection is temporary. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Studiesamlingen Any non-LIS literature. Not on loan. But ask the library for exceptions.
  • Student projects (1971- 2013) The library has a collection of student projects written from 1971 and to 2007. Approximately 200 of them are available in electronic form. Projects marked "Klausuleret ifølge forfatterens beslutning" can only be seen if you have the written permission from the author. From 2008- you can find information about student projects in PURE but everything is in Danish. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Udlånssamling (books for loan) Open shelves. Ask the staff for help.

This collection is not included in the catalogue.

  • Collection on book history
  • Newspaper clippings - ask the librarians Danish newspaper clippings about libraries from 1983-2007. The collection also include newspaper clippings from Bibliotekstilsynets and the predecessor Statens Bogsamlingskomité in 1910. Ask in the library to get access to Bibliotekshistorisk Arkiv. Not on loan. Contact the staff.
  • Picture collection - ask the librarians
    Ca. 3500 pictures mainly from Denmark 1900-1995. Divided in "Groups / institutioner", "Personer", "Geografical" and "Topics".