Student guidance

The student guidance offers guidance via telephone and by personal attendance. You can also send us an email.  

You can find us here

Faculty of Humanities, South Campus
Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Room 16.1.54
Phone: +45 35 32 88 55

Write mails from your KUmail.

You can expect to get a response within a week, but in busy periods there can be up to 14 days response time.

Telephone hours

Monday-Friday: 10.00-14.00.

Drop-in counselling

During drop-in hours, we can help you with simple questions. Drop-in sessions are not confidential and will be at most 15 minutes long.  

Monday-Friday: 10.00-14.00.

Book a personal counselling session

You can book a personal counselling session of 25 minutes, for any complex questions or issues you might need our help for. See available times and make an appointment using our booking system below.

You are also welcome to book a counselling session if you are interested in one of our programs, even though you are not a student at UCPH. In this case, use your private email address when accessing the booking system.


Professional secrecy 
As student counsellors we are bound to professional secrecy, so you can have a conversion with confidentiality. Though not in cases, where we are informed of crimes or exam cheating. In these cases we are bound to inform the Head of study.

Read our Service Level Agreement (in Danish)